Create Automation Connectors

Creating connectors will allow you to harness all the events your app is generates and transform them into actionable analytics, relevant push, email or SMS messages, effortless segmentation or powerful integrations with 3rd party software.

To access these pages, expand the Automation menu and click in Connectors like shown below:

Menu 2d29be87cc

From the list of Connectors click in the New Connector button:

New connector button bb7792263f

The connector wizard is divided in several sections, as shown below:

Tabs f1790c3f4d

Some of these areas require mandatory input and some others don't. When a tab has a green check mark it means that the minimal configuration has been provided and it will be accepted.


Let's start with the Setup tab, in this tab you should provide a name for this connector:

Name 96b78dcbd2

That's the only required field in this tab, this will help you and your team identify this connector later on.


You can now move on to the Frequency tab. In this tab you will be providing the how and what will trigger this connector. Let's start by providing the Frequency option:

Frequency 1960140295

If you want it to be triggered only one time, select the option Only once when a user:

Frequency once 7b2c46d26d

When you select this option, you can also define in which occasion it should be triggered. This allows you to create connectors that are only triggered once on a certain occasion:

Frequency occasion 5d722cd16b

If you want this connector to be triggered every time a certain event is registered instead, go ahead and select the Every time a user option:

Frequency always 8d1fa31422

Or if you want it to be triggered every x amount of time, select the option If a user:

Frequency time 5177cdcd89

When you select this option you should also provide the interval of time:

Frequency interval 46eebfd92a

Then you should select what event will trigger this connector. Learn more about events here. Go ahead and select an event:

Event c3a90cbbf3

Optionally if want to trigger this connector only after a certain amount of time, you should provide a delay:

Delay 37d6aa61b6

When you add a delay, you can also provide one or more cancelling events. This would allow you to cancel this connector if any of those events are executed between the period of time when it was first executed and the delay you've assigned to it:

Cancelling event e40cb87612

Finally, if you would like to skip this trigger on certain days of the week, you can select the days when it should be skipped:

Skip days f777cf71b7

At this point you can already create a connector, as all mandatory tabs have been completed.


If you would like to provide a lifetime for this trigger, you can set it in the Duration tab. In this tab you can provide the start and end date for this connector by providing a date in Between and And fields:

Duration date 7032da4a8e

You can also provide a start and end time. A connector will not be executed outside of that time period:

Duration times dbce191d20

Please note that dates and times provide in these fields will respect the device's timezone.


Optionally you can also assign filters to your connector. Through an advanced criteria, you are able to select certain group of users or devices that are eligible for a connector, ignoring all the rest. Go ahead and click the Filters tab to set this up:

Criteria 73a7512c3b

Learn more about how to setup a criteria in our guides located here.

If you've assigned a custom event to this connector, optionally you can define if it should be triggered based on custom data filters. This will allow you to execute connectors based on the custom data included in those events:

Data filters 30ab409b5e

Learn more about how to create data filters in our guides located here.


It is also possible to automatically categorize users as these connector get executed. This is extremely powerful if you want to categorize users based on their behaviour without having to necessarily include this functionality in your apps. To add segmentation rules, go ahead an open the Segmentation tab:

Segmentation e71dd2d3cd

Learn more about how to setup segmentation rules in our guides located here.


Finally in this area you can also select if you want to present content to the user when a connector is executed. By default this will set to None and the user will not see anything as these connectors occur. To change that open the Content tab:

Content types 744d0635dd

From the list of available content, select the one you want to use it. You can select the Push Message, Email Message or SMS Message. We keep working to extend this list with more options.

If you select any of the content options available here we will automatically generate that content. After creating the connector you can customize this content according to your needs.

When you're ready to create a connector, make sure you click the Create Connector button to save it:

Create button 89431c5c01

Learn how to edit a connector by following the guide located here.