Manage Geo-Zones

In these pages you'll learn more about your Geo-Zones.

To access this page click in the region you'll like to manage from the list of geo-zones:

Locations geo zones view record ca2fcfcd42

In that page you'll get information about all the users currently visiting your region:

Locations geo zones currently visiting map 7746fbbe06

You'll also find a list of today's sessions, with all the users that have visited a region during a single day:

Locations geo zones view sessions 58ebbcce88

You will also see the region's visits history breakdown over time:

Locations geo zones visits history daee3e0bfa

And if you're using iBeacons, you also see the region's proximity session history breakdown:

Locations geo zones proximity sessions e2ce0c8fb1

In this page you can also quickly jump to the list of triggers, beacons or to the edit region's page, simply by expanding the Options menu:

Locations geo zones options menu 38ce297d14

Keep reading our guides and learn how to edit a geo-zone, manage triggers or manage beacons.