In this page you'll find all the import jobs you'll create. To access this page expand the Data menu and click in Import:

Menu 5b2fd46d74

In this page you'll see a list of jobs previously created:

List 03951179c5

These jobs are created asynchronously via our global import worker (shared by all apps in our system). This means that they might be in different states until they are actually finished.

If the import job was created but the .csv file was not uploaded yet, it will be in the following state:

Upload 37466f177e

If the import job has started and is in a queueing phase you will see a record like this:

Queued bf78736a8a

When the import job starts processing it will enter this phase:

Verifying 13b9d18e8f

If the import job passed the validation phase, you will see a record like the one below:

Verified 0597c7caab

When the job starts importing your data, you will see a record like this:

Running ec51a1a033

If the import job is finished you will see a record like this:

Success 8cccb53aed

If by any reason the job has finished with errors you will see a record like this:

Error 09d812223e

Continue reading these guides to learn how to create an import job or check the results.