Rich Push

This service is available for all plans. It will allow you to define your own push templates that can be afterwards used to send push notifications. This is only accessible from the dashboard and it is not a mandatory step but recommended if you want to create interactive push notifications. Creating templates will accelerate the way you compose messages, as well as it will allow you to use lock screen actions in notifications for both iOS and Android.

To access these pages, expand the Settings menu and click in Services like shown below:

Services menu 6b8daebef3

Then you should click the Configure button in the Website Push box:

Rich push service box 7cf9633fba

Please note that before you finish successfully this setup, this service will show the Inactive sign. While inactive you will not be able to send browser notifications at all.

Rich push templates list bb020906f5

To start creating templates, click in the button New Template. This will open a window like this:

Modal create rich push template 2d7d7657fa

To create a template you need to at least provide a name and a notification type for your template. Adding a description or actions is optional.

Go ahead a insert a name for your template:

Rich push template name 4feb42edf9

Add a descriptive text for your template. The description will be used throughout the dashboard to help your team identify and understand what a template is suppose to be used for:

Rich push template description 43a46ca99d

Each notification content is bound to a certain type, select the notification type you would like to use for this template. To learn more about notification types, please read our composer guides here.

Rich push templates type 8aff71e4ee

To make this template actionable, add one or more action from our list of available actions. Adding actions in notifications will create interactive alerts in your app. These actions will be shown in device's lock screen or in Chrome's native notifications. To learn more about actions read our guide located here:

Rich push templates actions 48eedd26a7

To add actions you need to select the action type and click in the Add Action button:

Rich push templates add action df8bd2fc82

This will add a new action to the list, that looks like this:

Rich push template action 4a543e120f

It is mandatory to insert always a label for your action. This will be the text used in the button:

Rich push templates action label ea846e21e5

Depending on the action you've selected, the target may or may not be used. Please refer to the notification's actions guide located here.

Rich push template target 50e4443629

For actions of type Response you may check the box Open Keyboard if you the user to be presented with means to take provide text input and sent it back as a reply to the notification.

Rich push template keyboard bd5d757410

For actions of type Response you may check the box Open Camera if you the user to be presented with means to take a picture and sent it back as a reply to the notification.

Rich push template camera 2b5a9be505

You can also define your action as a destructive one, this means that depending on the platform it may have a different appearance than a regular action. It will also be an action that its sole purpose will be to dismiss the notification without any other functionality.

Rich push template destructive d242b13c39

Finally you should click in the Create button to actually create the template.

Create button 51d8738fe5

At this point your service will also show as Active in the Services list:

Rich push service box active 02d82c9eae

You can also, at any time, edit a template by clicking on it. It will prompt you with a modal window that allows you to edit it.

Modal rich push template update afdc4900ca

Also you can easily remove templates by clicking in the cross icon on the top right corner of each template.

Rich push template delete de4c54292f

Please remember that every time you change these templates the app will need to be launched again in order for these changes to be visible, therefore, make sure you create all the templates you need BEFORE you put your app in production.