This is an add-on feature of Notificare. You will need to subscribe to this add-on as described here before you can use this functionality. With the Loyalty add-on you will be able to design templates and distribute digital cards in your app. Our library will handle any digital card send via push notifications automatically for you, and it will also provide all you need to access your passes.


In this version, the Loyalty functionality is built based on Apple's Wallet, in which we have mimicked and adapted the Wallet technology for Android apps.

If you are using Loyalty v1 passes, our library will provide all you need to display and store these cards in your Android app.


Now that Google Wallet is available in several more countries, we have added first class support for native Google Wallet passes.

Please note that this functionality is built for Apple's Wallet app. This app is included by default in all iPhones and iPods. For Apple devices that do not support this functionality we will fallback to a web version of the passes you've created. These web passes do not fully support all the functionality available on the native passes.

Moving forward

If you've subscribed to this add-on, go ahead and learn how to design templates and generate passes by proceeding to the Setup guides.