In this area you can find the Links you create. These short links are a great way of sharing and tracking engagement of content across multiple platforms, create multi-platform landing pages or simply power your apps with support Universal and App Links.

To access this area, you will need to expand the Content Management menu and click in Links:


In this area, you will find all the links you create:


You can search links by using the following section:


You can create new links by clicking the following button:

new link button

To create a link, you will need to provide a name:


And select its type. Each type will require different things, for example, a type Redirect will need at least the Web URL:

type redirect

The type Landing Page will need at least the Web markup:

type landing page

And for the type Dynamic Link, you will need to select a previously created Prefix and at least the Web URL:

type dynamic

Although these types do not require an iOS and Android version of your URL/markup, to take advantage of the full potential of what Links can offer, you will probably want to provide them too.

Finally, links can also be used to automatically categorize users or trigger event based campaigns. You can add segmentation rules in the following section:

select rules

To learn more about segmentation rules, please read the guides located here.

Additionally, you can also define custom events in the following area:

select events

Whenever you use a short link, you will need to include the ntc_d query parameter if you want to track unique opens, execute segmentation rules or use custom events. This means that a short link would look like when used in your content. Additionally you can also include any other query parameter you want and they will be forwarded to your target page. On this note, if you have the same query parameters in the short link and in your Web, iOS and Android targets the ones for each platform will be replaced by the ones provided in the short link.

Once you've created a link, you can also edit it, by clicking on each entry in the list:


Additionally, you can also clone links, by expanding the Options menu and click in Clone:

options clone

You can also delete links, by expanding the Options menu and click in Delete:

options delete