Create Products

In this page you'll learn how to create an in-app product for the App Store and Google Play. We assume that at this point you've already created your products in the App Store or Google Play.

To access this area expand the Monetize menu item and click in Products:

Menu ed04f0e3c1

From the list of products click in the New Product button:

New product button 4a94603234

In this page you'll have to provide the name of your product, this text will be available for you to use in the app:

Name 37208f81a0

Then you'll need to provide the same SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) you've already created when adding the product in stores:

Sku a4ca43eb3c

This will be your unique identifier for this product. If you creating an unified experience between iOS and Android, make sure that you create the same SKU in both platforms.

You will also need to provide the type of product you are creating. You can select between Consumable and Non-Consumable in the Type selector:

Type 5df4ccefc0

Consumables are products you will want to use if your virtual goods needs to be paid every time they are used (e.g.: Fish food in an aquarium app). Non-Consumables, on the other hand, are products you will want to use if your virtual goods only need to be paid once (e.g.: a new level in a game).

Please note that you need to create products in both App Store or Google Play with these exact same settings in order for them to appear in your app when using our SDKs.

Finally you should check in what platforms will this product be available for:

Stores 206308d3eb

When you're done setting up your product, click in the Create Product button to save it:

Create button f94cd71b4b

Keep reading our guides and learn how to edit products.