Message Results

In this area you'll find all the metrics that matter to evaluate the performance of your messages.

To access this area, from the list of sent messages, click in the message you wish to edit:

Messages view edit record 4a559e00b8

In this page you'll find real-time information about your message performance. Mainly you'll see the conversion chart showing the sent, opens and unique opens (if using the inbox functionality):

Messages view conversion chart d0c0e0670e

If your message contains more than one action you will also be able to see the distribution of responses:

Messages view response chart a7ba0d57a2

You will also see the computed average response time if your message contains actions:

Messages view average response time 7df29e38c4

You can also see the total number of messages sent:

Messages view sent 81450a349a

And the number of messages that failed to be delivered:

Messages view fail cb18b53abe

You will also see the open rate, if you are using the inbox functionality, we will also include the unique open rate:

Messages view open rate bebd9448f9

And if your message contains actions you will also see the reply rate and unique reply rate (if using inbox functionality):

Messages view reply rate 25177d8326

In this page you will also see a summary of your message:

Messages view summary 46536d7da2

Clicking in the button More Details will show you a read-only page with the full message contents as described in this guide.

Finally if you messages contains actions we will automatically collect the input for you. In this page you will also see a list of all the data collected by those replies:

Messages advanced search delivery non scheduled e9fbf66a5d

Or if you just want scheduled messages, select the following:

Messages view replies 9c3f541094

In this page you will also be able to edit a scheduled message, stop a scheduled message or archive a message. This is done via the Options menu:

Messages view options menu 698547b536

If the message you're seeing the results is a scheduled one, you can edit the scheduled data while a scheduled message is in the state Scheduled. You do this by clicking in the Edit Schedule button via the Options menu which will open a window like the one below:

Messages view edit schedule 4dd5488f62

If a scheduled message is not in the state Finished or Cancelled you can stop it by clicking in the Stop Schedule button via the Options menu.

Finally if you wish to archive the message, you can do it by clicking in the Archive button via the Options menu. This will move you message to the archive list.