Create Templates

In this page you'll learn how to create a pass template. Pass templates are based on Apple's Wallet technology, if you wish to learn more about it, please read their guides here.

To create a template, click in the New Template button from the list of pass templates:

Loyalty templates create new button 4d59261aae

In that page you'll find the pass template wizard, which is divided in four different tabs. Start by selecting the Setup tab:

Loyalty templates tab setup a8afe8571a

In this tab you will need to provide a name for your template:

Loyalty templates create name 7529a55c4a

Optionally you can provide an organization name. This text will be shown in the lock screen and notification center messages your passes might generate. If left blank we will use the organization name in the Pass Type ID certificate:

Loyalty templates create organization 29766adeff

Optionally you can provide a description. This text will be shown as the title of your pass, if left blank we will use the app's name:

Loyalty templates create description 0cb9d6b5ac

And you will have to select one of the pass styles available for you:

Loyalty templates create styles 9ad97b3a0d

To learn more about these styles please read our guides located here.


In this tab you will be uploading the artwork needed for your template as well as selecting the colours used in your pass:

Loyalty templates tab design 8b3021c34d

You will always need to upload an icon. In most cases this will be the same as your app's icon or similar:

Loyalty templates create icon bfac1fac5f

And you will need to also upload a logo:

Loyalty templates create logo 60d6a84d91

Then depending on the style of pass you've chosen, you will need to upload a strip image:

Loyalty templates create strip 55c0a8ef13

Or you will need to upload a footer image:

Loyalty templates create footer c8c0b36ea0

Or a background image:

Loyalty templates create background d707a6caa2

Or a thumbnail:

Loyalty templates create thumbnail a196e3d1bb

Finally you will can also change the colours used in your pass:

Loyalty templates create colours 2acf3df879

Please note that you should upload images that fill the allotted space available for each one of them. Sizes are presenting in points so you will want to convert to pixels and optimize them for high density screens (usually 2 or 3 times bigger).


Optionally you can add fields to your pass. This is the only way available for you to present data in your passes so in most cases and depending in the style you choose, you'll want to add strategically fields in your pass.

If you wish to provide a text for the logo use the following field:

Loyalty templates fields logo text bd270b1dcf

Then you can add one or more fields for each type of fields available, Header, Primary, Secondary, Auxiliary or Back fields. Once again understanding pass styles is crucial before deciding what fields to create. Each one of them will let you add a field from a selector like the one below:

Loyalty templates fields add 58e50117b5

There are three types of fields, String, Date and Number. For all types you'll always have to provide a Key, this should have a unique value for each field you add:

Loyalty templates fields key 20700a0455

Please note that each field's key should not use reserved names. Here's a complete list of reserved names:

  • relevant_date
  • expiration_date
  • voided
  • barcode_message
  • barcode_alt_text
  • barcode_show_alt_text
  • barcode_format
  • barcode_message_encoding
  • description
  • beacon_proximity_uuid
  • beacon_major
  • beacon_minor
  • beacon_relevant_text
  • location_latitude
  • location_longitude
  • location_altitude
  • location_relevant_text
  • location_region_id
  • location_region_major
  • message
  • title
  • subtitle
  • user_info
  • app_launch_url
  • associated_store_identifiers
  • max_distance
  • background_color
  • foreground_color
  • grouping_identifier
  • label_color
  • logo_text
  • suppress_strip_shine
  • nfc_message
  • nfc_encryption_public_key
  • transit_type
  • redeem_type
  • redeem_limit

You will also have to always provide the Label, which will be visible to the user:

Loyalty templates fields label 732b79ca25

And you should always provide the alignment of field, which can be Left, Right, Center, Natural:

Loyalty templates fields alignment 4d8baec1b1

Optionally every field will support a Modified Message, which when provided it will generate a lock screen message whenever the value of the field changes. Use the placeholder %@ in your text to show the new value:

Loyalty templates fields change message 32eddd465f

If you choose Date as your field type, you should also provide the Date Style and Time Style:

Loyalty templates fields date time style fe86e579ee

For Date fields you can also force to show the date in the device's timezone, ignoring the timezone included in the value. To do that check the following box:

Loyalty templates fields ignores timezone 2783be5613

And finally for Date fields you can also show a relative date instead of an absolute one by checking the following box:

Loyalty templates fields relative date e380ff7e0d

If you choose Number as your field type, you should also provide the Number Style, which can be Decimal, Percent, Scientific or Spell Out:

Loyalty templates fields number style 7aad24bd81

For the Number field type, if you using it to display a money value, you should instead provide the ISO 4217 currency code in place of a Number Style:

Loyalty templates fields currency code 4a5d226924

Also note that the order of the fields in each list can be changed by simply dragging the following icon and dropping the field into the new position:

Loyalty templates fields drag handler dd1b609fc7


In this area you will be specifying which kind of barcode you will want to use for your passes. Your choice will depend in the type of scanners your company will use to scan these passes. Select one of the available options:

Loyalty templates barcode fcd260eebd

You can choose between QR Code, PDF417, 1D (a.k.a. Code128) or Aztec. You should obtain information about your scanning capabilities before choosing the type of barcode to use in your passes.

You can also provide a text encoding for the value of the barcode. By default we will use iso-8859-1 but depending on your scanning infrastructure you can choose another encoding format:

Loyalty templates barcode encoding 4173504f88

Finally if you wish to show a human readable text of the barcode in your pass, check the following option:

Loyalty templates barcode alt text e353a2a07b

As you create your template, you can obtain a preview by clicking in the Preview button:

Loyalty templates preview button c746a8bab1

And once you are ready to create your template, click in the Create button:

Loyalty templates create button 24adaa0889

Keep reading our guides to learn how to edit a pass template.