Edit Geo-Zones

In these pages you'll learn how to edit a Geo-Zone.

To access this page click in the region you'll like to manage from the list of geo-zones:

Locations geo zones view record ca2fcfcd42

Then expand the Options menu and click in Configure:

Locations geo zones options menu 38ce297d14

Now you can start editing your region. At any time you can upload a new icon:

Locations geo zones create icon b827f4ba7d

If you've setup your app to use iBeacons (like described here) you can also chnage the identifier to matches with your beacon's major:

Locations geo zones create identifier 9789733db2

You can also change the name for your region:

Locations geo zones create name 9192a42ffc

Optionally you can assign one or more region tags to your geo-zone. This can help you later filter out geo-zones based on your own categories. To do that you simply search for an existing tag:

Locations geo zones region tags search eb8ea9de18

You can select one or more tags for your region:

Locations geo zones region tags selected c7e5135b67

In case you did not create the tag yet and you can not find one that you want, you will be able to create it on-the-fly by simply clicking in the Create it? link:

Locations geo zones create region tags 21eeaa79a6

Optionally if you have your own identifier for regions, you can provide it in the following field:

Locations geo zones create reference key d138fb6543

You can also change the address in your region:

Locations geo zones create address 57ca27dfe0

And you can also change the description of your region:

Locations geo zones create description f637a46f81

Finally you can also change the position and shape used for your geo-zone. This is not recommended on a production app, but in case you made a mistake setting up the position of your region, this is where you should adjust it:

Locations geo zones selected shape 17d4ab831f

Once you are done editing your region, simply click in the Update button to save it:

Locations regions update button 30d30e6687

In this page you can also delete the region. For that simply expand the menu Options and click in the Delete button:

Locations regions options menu b46bc4b0b5