In these pages you'll learn how to manage beacons in a Geo-Zone. When GPS signals are not enough to create the interactions you want, Bluetooth Low Energy devices might be the best way to create micro locations indoors where GPS signals are not available.

To access this page click in the region you'll like to manage from the list of geo-zones:

Locations geo zones view record ca2fcfcd42

Then expand the Options menu and click in Beacons:

Locations geo zones options menu 38ce297d14

In this page you'll find all the iBeacon devices you've created:

Locations beacons list c85e073f9c

In this page you can easily remove items from this list and quickly create new ones at any time. To do that click in the New Beacon button:

Locations beacons new button 046f28b0ca

This will open a window like the one below:

Locations beacons modal c7d3f763f7

You will need to insert the beacon identifier, which should match the beacon minor number:

Locations beacons create identifier f474fd7549

And you will need to also give it a name:

Locations beacons create name ece5977bea

When you are ready to create your beacon, simply click in the Create button to save it:

Locations geo zones create button ca71f8bf48

Keep reading our guides and learn how to create geo-triggers for a beacon.