Edit Links

In this area you can manage all the links you create. You can at anytime change the behavior of your link without the need to change the short URL you add to your content.

In the very first field in this area you will find the short URL that you can copy and paste in your content:

Links edit short url b26c5177ec

To edit a link's name simply type in the field below:

Links create name 35b1f599f0

It is also possible to change the type of link if you want. There are 2 different types of Links, Redirect and Page. Choosing the first will allow you to easily redirect users to a certain existing page or view in your mobile apps:

Links create type redirect 548104b2d8

When you choose Redirect you are able to provide 3 different URLs. Web (mandatory), iOS and Android (optional) which will be the targets that our system will redirect to depending on the platform the user is using. Please note that iOS and Android are optional and when not present we will simply use the Web URL.

Links create platforms tabs d94e29bed9

If Redirect is selected you should provide at least a value for the URL in Web tab:

Links create url bb5d2ab988

If you choose Page as the type of your link, you will need to provide HTML. We will then use this markup and serve it whenever users click your link. Go ahead and select at last the Web tab:

Links create platforms tabs d94e29bed9

This will allow you to paste your markup in a field like the one shown below. If you wish to show different content for iOS and Android, go ahead and so paste that content in those tabs:

Links create markup 3a97f097e2

Optionally you can also add or remove segmentation rules in your links. This will allow you automatically categorize users/devices whenever these links are used. For that simply select the type of rule and add as many as you want in the field below:

Links create segmentation rules 3e52b0d27c

Additionally you can also create custom events whenever these links are used. Simply provide one or more event names in the field below:

Links create custom events 5a4ceff5ba

These links will then be visible in the Events area or available for you whenever you create Automation Connectors. By default we will also register an event called

When you are ready to save the changes to your link, make sure you click the Update button to do so:

Links edit button e81e111e63