Archive Campaigns

In this area you will find all the campaign you archive for future reference. You will be able to still access the results of archived campaigns.

From your app's menu expand the menu item Campaigns and click in Archive:

Campaigns archive menu 74b6d8808c

This will show you a list of archived campaigns just like the one below:

Campaigns archive list d8bee4170c

As your list of archived campaign grows, you will find useful to quickly search for specific campaigns. To do that use the search field like shown below:

Campaigns archive search 2c7d493c5e

To see the results of an archived campaign, click in the campaign you would like to get that information from:

Campaigns archive record d96afb4c96

This will take you to the results page of that campaign where you can see the overall conversion of this campaign:

Campaigns stats conversion f4d68c5669

The total number of notifications sent or triggered:

Campaigns stats sent ebb115afdf

It will also show the open rate for this campaign (if you use the inbox functionality, it will also include the unique open rate):

Campaigns stats open rate e87ada9d50

If your notifications include actions, the campaign results will also include the distribution of all the collected replies:

Campaigns stats replies d24248cfbd

And finally the total conversion rate of those replies (if you use the inbox functionality, it will also include the unique reply rate):

Campaigns stats reply rate 0bf328acd2

For an archived campaign you can also export the results via the Options menu:

Campaigns stats export 89d2695bf2