Create Segments

Segments will allow you to group users and address them later via a push notification. You can create segments manually like we will explain in this page, but segments can also be imported from other systems or automatically created through segmentation rules that you can add to messages, geo-triggers or automation connectors.

To create a segment you will need to at least give a name to it:

Audience segments create name bb80825bb6

Optionally you can also add a description, this helper text will help identify the purpose of this segment to all the accounts that you eventually share your app with. Add a short description in the text area:

Audience segments create description f5cfc4b5f1

If the add-on Users & Authentication is enable for your app, you will also see an option to make segments user selectable. This means that when authenticated, users can add or remove themselves to/from segments (if implemented in your app). If you would like to make a segment user selectable, check the box User selectable segment:

Audience segments create user selectable 7ec9609a97

When you ready to create your segment, make sure you click the Create button to save it:

Audience segments create button 8f0c9d577a

Learn how to edit a segment by following the guide located here.