For each app created in Notificare we will round up and breakdown some key performance metrics for you. These metrics are indicators of how your app is being used and how it is performing. To access them, inside each app click in the Overview menu item:

Overview menu f26f19f49f

In this page you will be able to see the total number of App Installs, App Uninstalls and Active Users in the following chart:

App overview installs vs users bba9b7ed69

We will also round up a time series chart containing the App Opens, Notifications Influenced Opens and Notifications Opens like the one below:

App overview influenced push 8b882d0156

Obviously you will also be able to see a time series of your user growth in a chart like the one below:

App overview user growth fdc005d8fa

To understand how your app is used, we also show you a time series chart of the session length as follows:

App overview app usage 7c6ac4a7c1

An important metric is also the number of messages you create, that will be shown in a time series chart like this one:

App overview notifications 525aaa21e9

Finally and because we automatically will collect application crashes for your mobile apps, you will present you these errors in a time series chart like the one below:

App overview app errors 80cb99a6d8