Whenever you sign in to Notificare, in the first page, you'll see the list all the apps of you have access to.

Dashboard all b1ddf9800f

Depending on your account's plan, this list might be divided in two different sections. In this page, you can also find some shortcuts to our website, documentation (these pages) or our platform status page, as well as you'll find a search box that allows you to filter your apps by their name:

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In this page, you can also find some shortcuts to our documentation (these pages) as well as you can search for existing apps, this can be particularly useful if you have many apps in these lists.

The first group of apps you see, will be all the apps you create. If your account is set to a Free account you will not be able to create apps until you've upgraded to an account with a paying relationship.

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If your account is not a Free account, from this area you can quickly create an app by click in the New App button:

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The other group of apps you find in this page are the ones other accounts share with you.

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If you did not create a demo app yet, we will give you the opportunity quickly create one by clicking in New Demo App:

Dashboard new demo app 5a64d0ced8

This will open a window like this one:

Dashboard create demo 5d8a48b9da

If you choose to create a demo app, we will generate an iOS, Android and Web compatible applications that you can then install/visit and use to test all the features of our platform. You can also share those apps to members of your organization.

Keep reading our guides and learn how to create an app, configure it, or setup all its services.