Getting Started with Android

Using the Notificare Android library will allow you to quickly implement push notifications, location services like Geo-fencing and BTLE beacons, read NFC tags, authenticate users, use actionable analytics or display content in your app.

To get started, you will need to create an app in Notificare. Only then you should proceed to implement our library in your app.


Once you are ready to start, proceed to create an app in Notificare.

Estimated dependency sizes

If you're interested in knowing how much space our libraries would add to your app, please check the list below. The estimated size reflects an approximate size based on the produced aar files.

LibraryEstimated size
notificare470 KB
notificare-assets52 KB
notificare-authentication183 KB
notificare-geo203 KB
notificare-geo-gms13 KB
notificare-geo-hms28 KB
notificare-geo-beacons42 KB
notificare-inbox108 KB
notificare-loyalty198 KB
notificare-push90 KB
notificare-push-gms16 KB
notificare-push-hms17 KB
notificare-push-ui212 KB
notificare-push-ui-gms37 KB
notificare-push-ui-hms37 KB
notificare-scannables67 KB
notificare-scannables-gms32 KB
notificare-scannables-hms29 KB