In this page you'll learn what are the most common mistakes when implementing our Web library.

Misplaced App Keys

When implementing Notificare, the library configuration file (located at /config.json) must contain the Application Key and the Application Secret. In GCM/FCM or Website Push for Safari, there is no separation between development and production environment so you don't necessarily need to create applications in Notificare for both environments, although we strongly recommend that you have a an application for each environment. Please read more about configuration file here.

GCM/FCM Errors

A very common mistake it to confuse the SenderID with Server Key. There's a clear distiction between the two. They both can be found in the Firebase's Developer Console, like shown here. The SenderID must be included in the config.json file. The Server Key is generated by Firebase and uploaded to Notificare, like shown here. This will enable our platform to send notifications to your web app in Chrome and Opera.

Website Push in Safari

A common error when sending push notifications for Safari is by uploading an icon with alpha channels (transparency) which will silently be accepted but will eventually generate errors rendering impossible to deliver messages. Make sure you always upload an icon with no transparency. Once you've accepted notifications in Safari and you decide to change that icon you'll need to unsubscribe to notifications and subscribe again to see that new uploaded icon. Please bear this in mind when changing the icon in production web apps.