To start creating products for Google Play, you will need to configure Notificare's Monetize add-on and create products in both Notificare and Google's Play. We also advise that you read the Google's guide about In-App Billing.

Upload your License Key

In order for Notificare to validate and process your transactions, you will need to provide us with your app's In-App Billing License Key. To get that key, sign in to Google Play Console and expand the menu Development Tools and click in Services & APIs:

google play menu

In that page, locate the Licensing & in-app billing section and copy the key assigned for your application:

google play license key

Then open our dashboard and select your app. In your app's menu, expand the Settings menu item and click in Services:


If you have subscribed to the Monetize add-on, to configure your service, you should click the Configure button in the Monetize box:

service box

Locate the License Key field and paste the key you've copied earlier:

license key

You are now ready to create products in both Notificare and Google Play.

Designing your Products

It is important that before you create your products you understand what you can sell in Google Play. Google Play allows you to sell content, functionality and services in your Android app. Notificare SDK supports the following types of products:


These products must be purchased every time they are downloaded. As an example, this would be ideal for selling food in a Tamagochi app. You as a developer will be responsible to provide this content as soon as you get successful transactions' information from our SDK.


These products must be purchased only once. You could think of this as new content added to your game like a new level. Once every transaction is completed you are also responsible to provide the content for this purchase. This product can never be bought anymore so it is important that you make sure the user can always access whatever he/she bought.

In Google Play Console, expand the Store presence menu item and click in In-app products:

google play menu in app products

In the list of products you can go ahead and click in Add new product button:

google play in app product new button

This will prompt you to fill a window like this one:

google play new product modal

Select Managed product as shown below:

google play managed product

And insert the Product ID:

google play managed product

Please note that this cannot be changed anymore. This ID will also be used by Notificare, if you are also create the same product in an iOS app, in order for us to provide you unified stats make sure these IDs match in both platforms. If you do not do this, you will have to create two different products in Notificare.

When you are ready to create your product, go ahead and hit the Continue button:

google play new product continue button

This will take you to a page where you will need to complete with details for Google Play:

google play in app product details

And where you will provide the pricing and country availability of your product:

google play in app product pricing

When you've successfully created one or more products, you can go ahead and create it also in Notificare as described here.

After you've created correctly the same products in Notificare, you can proceed to read our guides in how to implement In-App Billing.