Rich Push

In this area you can define your own Rich Push templates that later can be used to send push messages. Although it is not mandatory to create them, it is recommended.

Creating templates will not only boost how you compose messages, it will also allow you to use actionable notifications in both iOS and Android.

rich push example

Under the Settings menu, you should start by clicking in Services:


You should then click in the Configure button from the following box:


First thing you will see will be the list of Rich Push Templates you've created so far:


You should click each row in this list to edit a Rich Push Template:


You can also delete a template by clicking in the button in the top right corner.

To create a new template, you should click in the New Template button:

new template button

This will open a window as follows:

new template window

You should provide a name for your template in this field:

template name field

Optionally, you can also provide a description for your template:

template description field

And you should select which type of content you will use by selecting one of the available options:

template content type

To learn more about content types, please read our guides located here.

Some content types will also allow you to add actions in the following section:

template actions

To add an action click in the Add One? button:

add one button

Which will add an entry as follows:

action row

You can delete an action by clicking in the button in the top right corner.

You can then define what type of action you want to use:

action type

To learn more about action types, please read our guides located here.

Optionally, you can provide icons for your actions, which will be displayed when supported by the operating systems:

action icons

This feature is only available for apps running our SDK 2.7 or higher, iOS 15 and higher, Android 4.1 until 6 or Chrome running on Android 4.1 until 6.

You should always provide a label for your actions, in the following field:

action label

And depending on the action you select, you might need to also provide the target:

action target

Some actions will also support native functionality, like opening the camera or keyboard to request input from users. You can select which ones you want to use by toggling the options below:

action camera keyboard

Finally, an action in iOS might be defined as destructive, which will adjust the OS UI accordingly. Simply toggle the following option to define an action as destructive:

action destructive

Please note that whenever you add new templates, although they will be automatically available in our dashboard and can be used in a push messaging campaign, your app might not have this new data yet. To make sure your app loads all your Rich Push Templates, please relaunch/reload it after any change in this area.