Edit Files

In this page you'll learn how to update an existing file in Notificare. From the explorer click in the file you want to update:

Storage explorer record 9e11b8ed77

In this page you'll see a preview of the file if it's an image, a video player if it's a video and a icon of the mime type if it's any other type:

Storage explorer edit preview 1b645f3c54

You'll also have a quick way of copying the URL of the file:

Storage explorer edit copy 5c8873043e

And of course in the following field you'll be able to upload a new file:

Storage explorer edit upload 618516c238

If the file you trying to update is a text file, you'll be able to update the contents of that file without having to upload a new file:

Storage explorer edit inline c11dc128e2

Finally if you want to delete a file, you can do it by expanding the Options menu and click in Delete:

Storage explorer options menu a7db9f9e3a