Create Scannables

In this page you'll learn how to create a scannable tag.

From the scannables list click in the New Tag button:

Scannables new tag button 832dae3196

You should start by naming the tag:

Scannables create name 8b166c68db

Then you should type the value you will write into the NFC tag/QR code or paste the value written on an existing one:

Scannables create payload 1b742b90e7

We strongly advise you to create payloads that use the URL Scheme supported by your app. This will allow you to also handle NFC Tags (Android) and QR Codes (iOS) without the user have to necessarily open your app.

Below is an example of the iOS Camera app allowing you to quickly open your app by scanning a QR Code:

Example ios camera qrcode 426f0cc2a3

And in Android, NFC Tags can be opened by simply tapping a tag even when your app is not being used:

Example android nfc tag f0800609e2

Optionally you can assign content to your scannable tag. You can have a tag without any content attached to it and in your app you will need to handle yourself any interaction you will want to create when the tag is scanned. If you want to present content when the tag is scanned then you can use the same mechanism used in notifications:

Scannables content type f777d30278

If you choose Notification as the content type, you will be able to compose your content after creating the tag.

Keep reading our guides and learn how to edit tags.