Edit Products

In this page you'll learn how to update an existing in-app product. Please note that any change to pricing or hosted content (iOS only) should be done in the developer portal of the platforms like explained in here and here.

From the list of products click in the product you wish to update:

Monetize products edit record 5d03212806

At any time you can change the name of your product:

Monetize products edit name 3f5f1e9f1d

You can also change the SKU of your product although this must always match the one you've inserted in the platform's developer pages:

Monetize products edit sku 57f7b1277d

You can also change the type of product in the Type selector:

Monetize products create type consumable 616ad19676

This is also something that needs to match your selection in Apple's and Google's portals. It will also influence the way you handle this product in your app, so you shouldn't change the type in a production app without making changes to the app itself.

Finally you can change the platforms in which this product is available:

Monetize products create platforms 87477eccc7

When you're done making changes in your product, click in the Create button to save it:

Monetize products update button 197c520cb1

In this page you will also be able to delete a product. To do that expand the Options menu and click in Delete:

Monetize products options menu c416a92a27