Message Details

In this area you'll find a detailed page with the content of your message.

To access this area, expand the menu item Messages and click in Sent as follows:

Menu 38a5482cb6

In the list of sent messages, click in the message you wish to get more information from:

Message in list 757675e788

Then from the message summary section, click in the button More Info:

Push message summary df1d4ab669

This will take you to a read-only version of your message, containing all the information about the audience, segmentation rules, content or options (if applicable) created for this message:

Preview message 43dc75f666

In this page you can also clone the message in order to quickly send a new message using the exact same details. This is done via the Options menu by clicking in the Clone button:

Options clone ed34902603

You can also quickly create a template using the content of this message. This will allow you to reuse it later in new messages. To save this message as template, expand the Options menu and click in the Save as Template button:

Options save as template 4d52af697b