Email Designer

In this area you'll learn how to compose the content for an email message. Whenever you see the following option in an email composer wizard, you can select from two different options:


Using Pre-Defined Components

This is our managed solution to create email content from scratch. Using a drag and drop interface you will be able to design your content as you go. Select the following option to use pre-defined components:

notificare components

When selected, this option will present you with a section like the one below:

components area

You can use this feature in full screen if you want, for that simply click in the following button:

full screen

In this right side of this editor, you will find the elements you need to help design your content. You should start with the tab Structure:

structure tab

These are the elements you will need as the placeholder for your content. There are several types of structures and all of them will allow you to create a grid where you can place your content elements.

To actual add content inside your structures you should use the elements in the tab Content:

content tab

Each content element can be placed inside a structure column. They can also take different forms and will help you cover your needs when designing your email campaigns.

Finally you can adjust your email main settings in the tab Settings:

settings tab

These settings will allow you to customize how your email body looks like.

Custom HTML

If you already have email templates or you simply want to use a free format to compose emails, you can always select the following option:

custom html

Basically with this option, you are free to use any HTML markup allowing you to use existing templates from other sources. Simply type or copy and paste your markup in the editor on the right:

custom html area