This is an add-on feature of Notificare. With the Loyalty add-on you can harness the power of digital cards that live beyond your app and are always in your customer’s pocket.

Notificare allows you to design, distribute and gather insights about the conversion of your digital coupons, tickets, boarding passes or store cards. Passes can be distributed via email, website or using push notifications in your mobile app. Your customers can then add your passes to the Wallet® app (pre-installed in iOS). In Android, passes can be handled in any app running our SDK or any Passbook compatible app. Ultimately our passes are also available in a web format.

If subscribed, in any of your apps you'll find a menu item called Loyalty as follows:

loyalty collapsed

Expanding this menu will reveal all the functionality located in this area:

loyalty expanded

Go ahead and keep reading our guides and learn how to use templates, passes or measure conversion.