In these pages you'll learn all about Geo-Zones. These regions will be used by your app to harness the platform's geo-fencing capabilities, allowing you to track user's visits and use iBeacons to create highly engaging messages or categorize your user's location behaviour.

In any of your apps expand the menu item Locations and click in Geo-Zones:

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In this page you'll see all the geo-zones you've created:

Locations geo zones list 23ed8c607d

You can also quickly find a geo-zone by searching a name just like shown below:

Locations geo zones search e9c897c19c

You can also use the advanced search to filter geo-zones based on region tags:

Locations geo zones search region tags ddd9d1f61d

You can at any moment assign these tags to your geo-zones so it you can categorize them exactly the way you want.

Keep reading our guides and learn how to create or manage a geo-zone.