Edit Countries

In these pages you'll learn how to edit countries.

To edit a country, from the list of countries click in the country you would like to edit:

Locations countries edit record e9e05313c1

You can at any time change the name of the country:

Locations countries edit name 2eaded68ba

You can also change the position of the region in the map, you can do this by reposition the shape anywhere else in the map (adrg and drop the point in the center of the shape), or simply by resting the map and drawing a completely new shape:

Locations countries edit shape af0bb276d5

Once you are done editing your region, simply click in the Update button to save it:

Locations regions update button 30d30e6687

In this page you can also delete the region. For that simply expand the menu Options and click in the Delete button:

Locations regions options menu b46bc4b0b5