Create Cities

In these pages you'll learn how to create Cities.

To start creating a city, from the list of cities click in the New City button:

Locations cities new button d9f5295812

In that page you'll be creating your city. You can start by inserting a name for your region:

Locations geo zones create name 9192a42ffc

Finally you should provide the exact area you wish to use for your city. You can choose between a circular or polygon shape by simply using the buttons found in the map:

Locations geo zones map shapes 2a0d248503

If you do not know exactly the location you want to use for your POI, you can use the search field to center the map on a certain address or latitude and longitude intersection:

Locations geo zones search map efd6e82f46

When you draw your shape in the map, you'll see the area and radius (if it's a circular one) information, and you can also move the shape around or simply reset and start over again:

Locations geo zones selected shape 17d4ab831f

Once you are ready to create your region, simply click in the Create button to save it:

Locations geo zones create button ca71f8bf48

Keep reading our guides and learn how to edit a city.