In this area you can search and find information about all the events your application generates. This might become useful while to debug, create groups of users based on a certain event or simply analyse your app raw data.

In any of your apps you'll find a menu item called Events as follows:

Events menu 5624bd6ea6

In this page you'll find a field to where you should select your events and an optional start and end date for your search:

Events search fields d0a88872bf

To start a search you must at least select an event type. If you provide a date for the field From, only event after that date will be displayed. If you specify a Until date only events before that date will be displayed.

For some event types you are also allowed to get more fine-grained results. For example if you select the a notification event, you will be able to also select an individual message and only retrieve its results:

Events type notification 39212a0058

The exact same thing is available for location events, like Regions Sessions or Beacons Sessions:

Events type region c1e5a223e0

For Scannables you can also filter out the events collected for a specific tag:

Events type scannable edd481ca38

If you are using the Loyalty add-on you can also find all the events for specific passes:

Events type pass 2bcca649ea

And finally if you have the Storage add-on, you can also filter events for specific Asset Groups:

Events types storage 0469b864d9

To learn more about all the event types available for you, please read the guides located here.

Once you've select your search terms, if any results are found, you will see a list like the one below:

Events list ce4010cedb

You can quickly send a message to all the devices that executed these events by clicking in the button Send Message:

Events send message button dc4ea70bbe

Or simply export the raw data by clicking in the button Export:

Events export button f2221ae699

Learn more about the data inside these events by reading the guides located here.