Download Export

In this page you'll learn how to download the resulting file from an export job you've previously created.

To access this page expand the Data menu and click in Export:

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From the list of exports click in the export you wish to download:

Job in list 5873abaea1

This will open a page with a summary of job, click in the Download button to actually request a the resulting file:

Download button ee7e70da64

This will promtp a window like teh one below:

Download modal b233588085

Because these files might contain sensitive data we will only allow you to download them during a short period of time. Click in the Download button, during the next 5 minutes, to actually download the results of your export job:

Download modal button 08845aba71

From this page it is also possible to delete an export job. To do that, expand the Options menu and click in Delete:

Options delete 2eb04f41fb