Download Export

In this page you'll learn how to download the resulting file from an export job you've previously created. From the list of exports click in the export you wish to download:

Data export record b044cf5e89

This will open a page that look like the one below (depending on the export type):

Data export view download 792cc969e5

To download the resulting file from this export, click in the Download button:

Data export download button f24c2884f5

This will open a window like the one below:

Data export confirm download ac6a8cac29

Because these files might contain sensitive data we will only allow you to download them during a short period of time. Click in the Create button to allow you to download the file during the next 5 minutes:

Data export create download button 2e6b2ff919

After that it will show you a window just like this one:

Data export download window c3a3392d4a

Go ahead and click in the Download button within the period of time shown in the previous window.

From this page it is also possible to delete an export job. To do that expand the Options menu and click in Delete:

Data export options menu c12916f384

Doing this will completely remove the export job from our system.