Edit Push Channels

In this page you will be able to edit existing push channels.

To access these pages, expand the Automation menu and click in Push Channels like shown below:

Menu 0c84f125e1

From the list of Push Channels click in the feed you wish to edit:

Switch 0f52444ac5

At any time you can change its name:

Name 2abc6badac

Or the location of the RSS feed:

Rss feed 3695366b7a

You can also change the interval:

Interval cbff090095

Or select a different Notification Type:

Notification types cd45c04d9c

If you want to change the way articles in the feed are sent, select a different option from the Feed Mapping Options:

Mapping options e18090ae84

And you can also change the groups you want to send it to:

Send to 3f198b05f6

After you made all your changes, make sure you click the Save to store them:

Save button 5175caca42

If you've provided a different URL for your feed, you can test it by clicking in the Test Feed button:

Test feed button b74d0c00de

In this page you can also delete or force the feed to be parsed and run on-demand. These options can be found in the Options menu in the top right corner. If you would like to force the feed to run again, expand the Options menu and click in Force Run Feed:

Options force run 24c8633d09

This will prompt you with a new window like the one below:

Force run 0b63e20502

You can then force the feed to run since the last time it was parsed or instead provide a date, in the past, from which we should parse items. This might be useful if you would like to send notifications of older items found in the feed.

If instead you just would like to delete this feed, go ahead an click in Delete from the Options menu:

Options delete c0838c9025