User Profile

For each user in your app we round up all its information in a detailed profile page that you can access at anytime.

From the list of users, click in a user profile that you would like to get more information about:

Audience users profile user 1e88e246f8

This will open the user profile page where you can quickly get all the information about a user. In the User Profile box you'll find the user's gravatar, userID and userName registered by your app or API, and the generate Push Mail (if applicable):

Audience users profile user info 0d1d84285f

In this section, beside seeing information about the userID and userName you are also able to generate a Push Mail. A Push Mail is the easiest way to send a private message. Once you generate a Push Mail address you can message a user by simply sending an email message. To generate one click in the magic wand icon like shown below:

Audience users profile push mail 1cd786b681

In this page you can also quickly manage segments for an user. Under the section Segments, you'll find all the segments this user belongs to:

Audience users profile segments box 032f97e2ef

To add a new segment simply click in the New Segment button:

Audience users profile new segment 16156fbf05

It will open a window just like this one:

Audience users profile modal new segment 3ed3055c86

In this new window, type a segment name:

Audience users profile search segment 98b04eba9f

If the segment already exists, you can simply click in the search result. You can repeat this to add more than one segment in one go:

Audience users profile selected segments 97cacfcf59

If by any chance you the segment you search for does not exist and you wish to create it, in this screen you can quickly create it:

Audience users profile create segment f9f2179c1f

When you are done selecting segments, to actually add them to the user profile click in the Add Segments button:

Audience users profile add segments d0c8a44f2a

You can also delete segments from the user profile. To do that click in the top right cross in each segment:

Audience users profile delete segment 522c98d435

You will be prompt with a confirmation dialog just like this one, click the Remove button to proceed:

Audience users profile remove dialog 0d03c7daa8

In this page you can also have an overview of the devices for this user:

Audience users profile devices b2eb41a5c5

Clicking in any of the devices in the left box will take you to a detailed page for that device. If the devices accepted location updates, you will see their position in the map box in the right.

Finally in this page you will also see all the private messages sent to this user:

Audience users profile messages 64a4148103

In the top of this page you will also find a Options menu that look like this:

Audience users profile options 3ba7c89431

From this menu you will be able to quickly jump to the message composer and send a private message, deactivate the user or totally delete the user profile.