Edit Segments

In this page you will be able to modify an existing segment. From this page, it is also possible to get a list of all the users currently in the segment.

To access this page, expand the Audience menu and click in Segments like shown below:

Menu c67d191d00

Then click in the segment you wish to edit:

Segment in list 34354d5d25

At any time you can change the name of the segment:

Name 17dc40ae84

Obviously you can also change the description:

Description 86957bc549

If the add-on Users & Authentication is active for your account, you can also change the User selectable segment option:

User selectable 4b84989fe2

Finally you can also change the Use this segment for message testing purposes option:

Test segment 66bd1ae6fd

And click in the Save button to store any changes in this page:

Save button 6fbc854cb9

In this page you will also see the list of all the users in this segment:

Users list a76210f861

In the top right corner of this page, you'll find the Options menu, from this menu you can import users:

Options import users d95d66f3a8

Or export users:

Options export users 433f43005a

You can also add a new bulk of users to this segment:

Options add users b81b3001fc

Or clear all the users from this segment:

Options clear all users b08e7f61c8

Ultimately you can also delete this segment:

Options delete segment ffc8dab827