Edit Preferences

Once you've create preferences, you can at any time change them. Change texts or even add new options is possible although you should noticed that your app needs to be able to refresh this data.

You can obviously change the name of the preference:

Audience preferences edit name d802d3abf4

Changing the type of preference will totally remove any segments previously selected:

Audience preferences edit type bd8eace8fb

At any point you can add more segments (except for Single Segment which only allows one segment):

Audience preferences create search segments 3d2ecb2e5f

Typing in the Search Segments field will allow you search for previously created segments:

Audience preferences create select segment fe1e2fd80d

If you would like to select a segment that does not exist yet you are give the opportunity to create it on-the-fly:

Audience preferences create segment on the fly 0945ee1320

You can also change the position of the segments in the list:

Audience preferences drag drop segments 33f6a0153b

When you ready save the changes, make sure you click the Update button to store them:

Audience segments edit update button d1112cf3b4

Finally in the top right corner of this page, you'll find the Options menu, in this menu you'll find the option to delete the preference:

Audience segments edit options 38f2026f5d