Audience Overview

Find all the key metrics you care about in your audience under this page. We've crunched all the numbers for you and in a quick glance you can have a pretty good idea how your audience is building up.

To access this page, expand the Audience menu and click in Overview like shown below:


Find out how your app cycle events are distributed over time:

app activity

Find trends based on user sessions for your app. We collect this data automatically for you in your apps and present you this usage chart:


We will also crunch for you a time series overview of your user activity fragmentation, this will give you an informed overview of how active is your audience:

user activity

Quickly find out how many users are registered in your app at any moment in time (this will show the number of users that are registered with an identifier):

users total

Get an overview of your user growth over time:

user growth

Quickly find out how many messaging enabled devices (including push, email and SMS contacts) your apps acquired:

push devices

You can also quickly see the number of devices registered with a user profile:

user registered devices

You can also quickly see how your audience is distributed by medium, segments, tags, location or device properties. For that simply use the following area:

audience selection

As you add segments in your apps, we provide you a way of quick way to understand how your segments stack up:


Please note the see all link in these charts, clicking on it will give you the full list of records for these stats.

And in the same way you can also see tags distribution:


You can also see the fragmentation of your app based on SDK versions:


And the fragmentation of your app based on app versions:

app versions

And the fragmentation of your app based on operating system's versions:

os versions

And a breakdown of devices per platform:


And all the device models using your apps:

device models

And a breakdown of all the device's languages:


And a breakdown of device's location (if you are using location services):