Audience Overview

Find all the key metrics you care about in your audience under this page. We've crunched all the numbers for you and in a quick glance you can have a pretty good idea how your audience is building up.

To access this page, expand the Audience menu and click in Overview like shown below:

Overview menu d8a4bf60d1

Discover how users grows over time in a time series chart like the one below:

Audience overview user growth b91f26e311

We also crunch for you a time series overview of your user fragmentation by last active date, this will give you an informed overview of how active is your audience:

Audience overview user activity 4e0222c74f

Find trends based on user sessions for your app. We collect this data automatically for you in your apps and present you this usage chart:

Audience overview sessions 10a4c353ea

As you add segments in your apps, we provide you a way of quickly understand how segments stack up:

Audience overview segments ea3e2d6bd3

And in the same way you can also see tags distribution:

Audience overview tags 44acfb8c01

Quickly get the number of active devices in your app:

Audience overview devices c7f35cffd7

You can also see the fragmentation of your app based on SDK versions:

Audience overview sdk versions 8d8e2b1c7a

And the fragmentation of your app based on app versions:

Audience overview app version f695f00445

And the fragmentation of your app based on operating system's versions:

Audience overview os version 005ceea4e7

And a breakdown of devices per platform:

Audience overview platforms 4d5e34ac23

And all the device models using your apps:

Audience overview device models 4ebd5a8631

And a breakdown of all the device's languages:

Audience overview languages 606f3c413e

And a breakdown of device's location (if you are using location services):

Audience overview country 43eeda8cd8