Device Profile

For each device in your app we round up all its information in a detailed profile page that you can access at anytime.

From the list of devices, click in a device profile that you would like to get more information about:

Audience devices profile 65054c640f

In this page you will find a section Device Information with all the data for a specific device. This section is read only and will look like this:

Audience devices profile info 4f1509acb5

You'll also get information about the user associated with this device:

Audience devices profile user 23202e2bb8

And the tags registered for this device:

Audience devices profile tags 9e053a34a2

You will also be able to see the the private messages sent to this device:

Audience devices profile messages 288a9af1c9

In the top right corner of this you'll find the Options menu as follows:

Audience devices profile options 2eeef7ac05

This menu will allow you to quickly go to a device's inbox and to quickly send a private message to this device.

The device's inbox page will contain the exact same messages that are currently in the device. This list of messages are all the messages received in the device and you will distinguish the opened ones from the unread ones by its darker tone. This list will look like the one below:

Audience devices profile inbox 480ec57729