Share App

If you already enrolled into a paid Notificare subscription, you are allowed to share your apps with other existing accounts or even invite other persons to create Free accounts which will give them full access to your apps. To start inviting other people, expand the menu Settings and click in Share App from your app menu.

Share app menu 4b8aec2309

Please note that only the app owner is allowed share the app with other accounts. This menu item will not be visible for other accounts.

In this area you can start inviting other persons to access your app, by clicking in the button New Invite:

Accounts sharing app 2d2a8438ae

You will have to provide the first and last name and email address so we can invite this person to share the app.

Once you've provided all the mandatory data you can go ahead and hit the Invite button.

New invite form ebddef9278

After completing this operation, your invite will be shown in the Pending Invites list like shown below.

Pending invites list d688f4bb94

At the same time the recipient of your invite will be receiving an email like the one shown below:

Share app invite email 49499b80c5

Your invitee should click the Accept Invite button to complete the invitation process. A page like the one below will be shown:

Invite share app page aea6954426

If your invitee does not have an account with us and would like a limited access account with no costs associated, a new account can be quickly created using the following form:

Create free account form fb6d3ad9ee

If your invitee already has an account with us, the form below should be used instead:

Use existing account form 4978d2406f

If the invitee already has an account with us and at the time of the invitation a session is still active, the invitation can be quickly accepted by clicking the Use this Account button:

Accept invite with session 91fd3cd153

Whatever option your invitee will choose, once completed the shared app will be visible in the Apps Shared With You list:

Invitation finished app shared 5eeb855550

At the same time, after an invite being successful accepted, the owner of the app will see the following in the Share App page under Settings:

Accounts sharing app list fd4d2dfee1

The owner of the app can at anytime revoke access to the app, by simply clicking the top right cross in the share account record. This will remove the app from the list of shared apps in the invitee account.

For all the accounts you share your apps with, you can add them to the warning emails list of recipients or delegate the editing of the IP Whitelist. This is done by clicking in each record, that will open a window like the one below:

Share app account details bca1e7cdf8

A shared account will have full access to an app data, its active functionality and add-ons. The invited account is also free to leave this app whenever they want. For that they must expand the Settings menu item and click in Configure App:

Configure app menu 40f9f361a0

In this page they can stop sharing the app by simply clicking in the Leave App button under the Options menu:

Leave app button 45af9990bc