Users & Authentication

The Users & Authentication add-on offers a complete set of features to help you quickly create rich user profiles, user generated segmentation and restricted authenticated areas in your apps. Easily create a login and sign up views in your app, add a password management and recovering mechanism or simply allow your authenticated users to build rich profiles.

To access these pages, expand the Settings menu and click in Services like shown below:

Services menu 6b8daebef3

This is an add-on feature of Notificare. Before you can subscribe to this add-on you will need to be enrolled in a paid plan. If you already have a paid plan, you can subscribe to this add-on by clicking in the Subscribe button like shown below:

Users authentication service box subscribe 3b9f03c3ba

Once you've subscribed to this add-on, it will be active by default, but you can still configure it. To do that, you should click the Configure button in the Users & Authentication box:

Users authentication service box active a26f613ec2

By default User Registration mode will be set to Device Level, this means that any user registration from your mobile apps will be accepted without any form of authentication. If you subscribe to this add-on you will want to change to the Device Level (using OAuth2 only) option in order to only allow you app to register a user profile if a user is authenticated. Go ahead and change that option as shown below:

Users authentication service user registration a8383404b9

There's also a 3rd option, API Level. If set, we will not allow user registration from the mobile apps at all. Instead our platform will only accept device registrations, with user profiles, from requests using the Master Secret which should be done from your own servers.

One your registration mode is tackled, you will want to device if you want to always validate the email address after a sign up, if you do, check the following box:

Users authentication service validate 50101e5ce5

And if you don't want users to be able to sign in before validating their email, check the following box:

Users authentication service require validation 94746249c3

Please note that by default email messages will be sent to your users when they request a password recovery or you have checked the options above (users will get email messages when signing up). By default they will be sent by our own domain and will have our look and feel. You will want to change this by allowing us to send emails in your behalf and by customizing the email messages. To do that please provide the domain you want to use in the field below:

Users authentication service sender domain 39d6f94079

After changing any of these options, go ahead and click the Update button to save the changes:

Update button 2b7bcc4a24

If you've provided a Sender Domain, you will be provided with a table containing the DNS records you must to your domain in order for us to send email in your behalf:

Users authentication service dns table 85b33a856c

Depending how your DNS records are setup and how fast it propagates, our platform will keep checking for these records and once it resolves correctly, we will display your domain as follows:

Users authentication service domain validated 0f16d749bc

Once your domain has been verified, we are now able to send emails under your behalf. That will make the email editing section visible where you can customize the messages we will send. In the section Email Messages you'll find two tabs, one for the sign up message (make sure you add at least the {{redirectUrl}} from the placeholders selector):

Users authentication service signup email 530cf3754c

And the other one for the Reset Password Email that will be sent when in response to a password recovery request. This email should also contain a link:

Users authentication service reset pass 731b7a8f49

You can make your email messages look like anything you want but they both must include a link to actually complete the operations they are used for. To do that use the placeholder {{redirectUrl}} as the value of those links. Additionally you can also greet the user using the {{userName}} placeholder.

After changing the content of these emails, don't forget to click the Update button to save the changes:

Update button 2b7bcc4a24

If this service is active, there will be one new option in your app's menu called User Preferences under the menu item Audience. To learn more about it, please read the guides located here.