In this area you can setup your SMS Service. With service you are able to manage the lease of a mobile phone number and sending SMS messages to mobile phones. In this area you will be able to acquire a phone number, setting up a Sender Name as well as configure pre-defined localized messages for new opt-ins and opt-outs. Please note that to use this service you will need to buy Email credits before you can start sending messages.

To access these pages, expand the Settings menu and click in Services like shown below:


Then you should click the Configure button in the SMS box:

service box

The very first time you visit this page, your service will not be yet active, to start that activation please click in the Activate button in the following section:

activate service

This will create all the underlying service required for this service to work. Once completed you should start by adding one or more phone numbers to your service. These will be the numbers used by us to send your messages. Because these numbers have a monthly cost associated with it you need to have a paying relationship with us before requesting any numbers. Adding more than one number might be interesting if you are looking to send high volumes of messages. Each phone number is bound to a limit of 10 messages per second.

In the following section, go ahead and click in the Add Number button to proceed to choose one or more phone numbers:

sms numbers empty

That will open the following window:

add sms numbers

Select the country you wish to obtain a number for:

numbers for country

Then select one or more numbers by simply clicking in any of the records displayed:

select number

When you are done selecting all the numbers you need, simply click in the Add button:

add button

After your account is successfully charged, you should then see the numbers you selected in the following list:

sms numbers

As an informative section, you can always check the cost of each SMS message in this section. The price of a message varies with the recipient country. Use this area to find out how much you will be charged for each message you sent:

sms pricing

After this point your service should be active and you can already send text messages. Additionally, in order for all features to be fully functional, you should continue to set up all the options below this point.

Optionally you can also use a Sender Name. This value will be used as the Sender ID address of your messages instead of the phone number. To add it simply provide a name and click in Save. You can always change this value at any time.

sms sender

Please note that the Sender Name allows you to set your company name or brand as the Sender ID when sending one-way SMS messages to supported countries. This name may be up to 11 characters. Accepted characters include both upper- and lower-case ASCII letters, the digits 0 through 9, and space: A-Z, a-z, 0-9. They may not be only numbers.

Finally you can start configuring the default messages we will send when phone numbers subscribe to your app. The first field in this section is a read-only value, you might be requested to present us this identifier when using our support channel.

service id

If you want your default messages to be localized in other languages, go ahead and toggle the option below:

localized content

Then provide a text that will be used in the validation message that we will send when new users subscribe to your app (make sure you include the {{validateLink}} placeholder):


Then provide a URL that will be used to redirect users when the validation is successful:

subscribe success

Then provide a URL that will be used to redirect users when the validation returns an error:

subscribe error

Because you will want to also provide a way for your users to unsubscribe, you need to also provide a URL that will be used to redirect users when the unsubscription is successful:

unsubscribe success

And finally you need to also provide a URL that will be used to redirect users when the unsubscription returns an error:

unsubscribe error

Providing both a success and error URLs, will allow you to include the {{unsub}} placeholder in your text messages.

If you choose to localize this values in other languages you need to go ahead and fill all these values for each language. In the end do not forget to hit the Save button to store your changes:

save button

Once you have finished setting up all these settings, your service will be active and ready to be used.