Inbox functionality is available for all our clients, but not activated by default. It will allow you to build an in-app, device specific inbox. Apps with a built-in message inbox, enjoy higher conversions due to its nature of keeping messages around that can be opened as many times as users want.

Please note that this functionality is only available if you're using our 1.7.0 or higher libraries.

To access these pages, expand the Settings menu and click in Services like shown below:

Services menu 6b8daebef3

Then you should click the Configure button in the Inbox box:

Inbox service box 54447e15c4

Please note that before you finish successfully this setup, this service will show the Inactive sign. While inactive you will not be able to create any inbox messages.

To enable inbox functionalities in your app, you'll need to at least activate the following:

Inbox enable inbox ddb4528596

After this point this service will becomes active and every message you create will create an individual inbox message for each recipient of those messages.

Inbox service box active 7a0d4ec023

Optionally you can also enable the Auto-Badge feature. This feature is only available for iOS and will enable your app to automatically display a badge with the number of unread for each device.

Inbox auto badge b526d471ac