The Automation add-on will allow you automate how you send notifications from external sources, react to your app signals, categorize users and connect to 3rd party services.

To access these pages, expand the Settings menu and click in Services like shown below:

Services menu 6b8daebef3

This is an add-on feature of Notificare. Before you can subscribe to this add-on you will need to be enrolled in a paid plan. If you already have a paid plan, you can subscribe to this add-on by clicking in the Subscribe button like shown below:

Automation service box subscribe 0bc27ccba4

Once you've subscribed to this add-on, it will be active by default, but you can still configure it. To do that, you should click the Configure button in the Automation box:

Automation service box active bd41ffb50f

Currently in this service, you only have a single configurable option. This option will allow you to configure the interval for pooling of all the Push Channels you add to Notificare. Simply provide a value between 300 and 86400 seconds:

Automation service interval d9a66b0bca

By default this value will be of 900 seconds (15 minutes) and it can also be overridden per Push Channel.

Finally you should click in the Update button to make sure you store these changes:

Update button 2b7bcc4a24

If this service is active, there will be one new menu item in your app's menu called Automation. To learn more about it, please read the guides located here.