In this area you can setup Apple's Push Notification Service. This service is capable of sending remote push notifications to iOS apps. In this area you will be able to upload the APNS certificate necessary for our platform to send notifications in your behalf.

To access these pages, expand the Settings menu and click in Services like shown below:

Services menu 6b8daebef3

Then you should click the Configure button in the APNS box:

Apns service box 9e18963243

Please note that before you finish successfully this setup, this service will show the Inactive sign. While inactive you will not be able to send iOS notifications at all.

In the APNS configuration page, you will need to upload a .p12 file. To learn how to generate these files please visit our guide here. Once you have a .p12 file, upload it in the following field:

Apns upload file 585626b454

Because these files give access to any APNS provider to send notifications to your app, it's a good practice to create these files with a password. In the following field you should provide the password so we can open and extract the information in the file:

Apns p12 password a52fb97787

Finally you should click in the Update button to make sure you store these changes:

Update button 2b7bcc4a24

Once you have successfully uploaded the certificate, we will display something like this:

P12 info 31bf1e3518

At this point your service will also show as Active in the Services list:

Apns service box active d1d6bf1f86

These files have an expiration date and have to be renewed every year. When your certificate is expired it will look like this:

P12 expired f724d1aec5

At any point in time you can remove a certificate or upload a new one.