IP Whitelist

To make sure your apps are used only from allowed networks and locations, we offer you a IP Whitelist feature for every single app you own. To start adding IP addresses and protect your apps, expand the Settings menu and click in IP Whitelist:

Ip whitelist menu 070b9a6113

In this page you will see a form like this:

Ip whitelist page aa7b608a87

To add an IP, simply type the IP address in the box and click the + button:

Ip address form ef0097efdd

Once added the IP address will be shown in the list:

Ip address list 93d0e57af6

At this point, HTTP requests to our REST API can only be done from servers running on this IP address.

As an app owner, you can also manage this IP filtering per shared account or even delegate this IP management to the shared account. To do that, expand the Settings menu and click in Share App:

Share app menu 4b8aec2309

In the list of accounts sharing the app, click in the account you wish to manage:

Accounts sharing app list fd4d2dfee1

This will open a form like the one below:

Ip whitelist account management 1b35c2245f

If you wish this account to have access to the IP Whitelist and be able to edit which IPs can access this app, check the box below:

Allow ip management feea2fddfa

If you leave the box unchecked, this account will not see the IP Whitelist menu item in their Settings menu. If you wish to provide yourself which IPs this account make HTTP requests from, you can add IP addresses by typing an IP and hitting the + button:

Add ip for shared account 8b3ddfd8f8

This shared account will only be able to make HTTP request from IPs in this list:

Shared account ip whitelist 5a2c218f7e

You can of course remove or edit IPs in this list at any time.