You can extend your account with new features that our platform has to offer. This can be done via the Add-Ons tab:

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Under this tab you will see a list of all the add-ons available for your account:

Add ons list 57350b2e7a

Add-ons can be subscribed and unsubscribed at any time. Our system will charge you a prorate value depending on your billing cycle. There is no limitation to how many times, in a billing cycle, you can turn an add-on ON or OFF. To turn an add-on ON, click in the Subscribe button:

Add on subscribe 5355520e25

You will always need to confirm this operation before we add this add-on to your subscription.

Add on subscribe confirm 52d4471dec

To turn an add-on OFF, click in the Unsubscribe button:

Add on unsubscribe e20fa1d2dd

You will always need to confirm this operation before we remove this add-on from your subscription.

Add on unsubscribe confirm 10b6e71d54

If you have a custom billing agreement with us, this operation cannot be done automatically. In that case your add-ons will show a Request Activation button:

Add on request activation b919dae75d

And you will have to do the same exact thing to deactivate the add-on:

Add on request deactivation a6b2a5fc1e

In both cases, please allow our team, up to 24 hours to complete your request.