In this area we offer you the possibility to transfer your account to another email address. In order to do this it's important to know that it will only be possible to transfer an account to another email address if that email address does not exist in Notificare. To transfer your account to another email address simply provide the new email address in the form below:

Transfer account 4bcbfc5750

For this operation you will need to provide your current password:

Confirm pass with pass 0c48ee4270

If 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is enabled for your account, instead of the current password, you need to provide the Google Authenticator code:

Confirm pass with code 8fec22f754

Once this operation is completed, you will be automatically signed out and our system will send a message to the new email address informing of this transfer. In that message we will include instructions in how to proceed in order to regain access to the account using the new email address. A confirmation of this transfer will also be sent to the old email address.