Shared Accounts

In this area you will be able to manage all the accounts you give access to your apps from one single place. To do that simply go to the Shared Accounts tab:

Shared accounts tab c57f2e7bf0

In this area you can find all the accounts you gave access to any of your apps:

Apps per account 46cc09e7d2

At any time you can revoke access from an account to any of your apps by clicking in the top right cross in each app:

Revoke app access 51f82d1ebe

You can also use the search box to filter accounts by their email address:

Search accounts 05b4ffa610

Ultimately, if you already enrolled in a paying relationship with us, you will want to invite accounts to gain access to some of your apps. This can be done by clicking in the New Invite button:

New invite 25552bee3e

This will open a window like the one below:

Invite modal 9063723d9d

You can easily invite one account to access one or more apps. This can be done by searching your apps:

Search apps 68443a86f6

And select one or more apps:

Selected apps 5f2526f96f

Then you should provide the first name for this invite:

Invite first name 9dc6ebd1f3

Also the last name:

Invite last name 4348e0b542

And finally the email address:

Invite email 530ed92721

Then simply hit the Invite button. The recipient will receive an email with a link to page where they can either accept the invitation with an existing Notificare account or it will be give them the possibility to create one for Free.