Legal Documents

At any time you can find all the documents related to your account in this area. For most clients, the only document you will need is a DPA (Data Processing Agreement). To access this area use the *Legal tab:

Legal tab 3f71f42855

If you did not yet download, sign and send it to us for validation you will need to click in the New Document button:

Legal empty list 3acc43ce7b

Doing so will open a window where you can select the type of document you want to download:

Legal dpa 62d818dd52

You should download that document, fill in with your data and eventually email it to us for validation. Once validated it will be re-uploaded by our team and visible for you in this list:

Legal list 4b1842d584

At anytime you can download the validated document, to do that, simply click on it to see the download generation window:

Legal generate download 5c59d7f768

Once generated, you will have a one-time based link that allows you to download the validated file:

Legal download signed dpa f7ff2a6f25

Please note that you will have a short period of time to do it, if you miss it, you will need to generate another one-time based link.