Legal Documents

At any time you can find all the documents related to your account in this area. For most clients, the only document you will need is a DPA (Data Processing Agreement). If you did not yet download, signed and send it to us you will need to click in the New Document button:

Legal list 2b7bdd25bb

Doing so will open a window where you can select the type of document you want to download:

Download dpa 33d62c22d9

Pay close attention to the instructions for each one of them. You should complete those instructions and eventually email it to us for validation. Once validated it will be re-uploaded and visible for you in this list:

Available dpa 2f1a9ce259

At anytime you can download the validated document, for simply click on it to see the download generation button:

Generate download 1cd8f5ea8d

Once generated, you will have a time based link that allows you to download the validated file. Please note that you will have a short period of time to do it, if missed you will need to generate another time based link. These links can only used once:

Download link dpa c97e5e9a61