In this area you are able to define the contacts and roles for your account. This allows us to reach the right person quicker in case of there's something import to inform you, a data breach or anything else related to your account. According to the current EU laws, clients operating in the EU and collecting data from European users might be required to appoint a DPO (Data Protection Officer) and for those non-resident companies but operating in the EU, a EEA (European Economic Area) representative.

To start assigning contact with roles in your account, use the Contacts tab:

Contacts tab 365eda8f89

All your contacts will be displayed in this area as follows:

Contacts list f3ae436449

To add new contact simply click in the New Contact button:

Contact button a31f78565a

This will open the following window:

Contact create a53c5c140b

You should fill in all the mandatory fields and hit Create. Once a contact is created you can always update it by clicking on it or delete it by clicking in the top right cross:

Contact entry 1cdc2560cc

When clicking on the contact a new window will open to allow you to update it whenever you need it:

Contact update 1e8556b219

Whenever you want to delete a contact you simply hit the top right cross and the following confirmation window will open:

Contact delete warning 47dab29ad1

Hitting Remove will permanently delete this contact.