In this area you are able to define the contacts and roles for your account. This allows us to either reach the right person quicker in case of there's something import to inform you, a data breach or anything else related to your account. According to the current EU laws, clients operating in the EU and collecting data from European users might be required to appoint a DPO (Data Protection Officer) and for those non-resident companies but operating in the EU, a EEA (European Economic Area) representative. In this area you can do exactly that, to add a new contact click on the New Contact button:

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This will open the following window, where you should insert all the data for your new contact:

New contact 9cda376cf8

At any time you can change a contact by simply clicking on it and update its information accordingly:

Update contact a2824fe2a9

You can also remove any contact at any time by simply clicking in the delete button:

Delete contact 72c245cfd5

This will prompt you with a confirmation window like the one below:

Confirm delete contact d0e11dbcb6