For your protection your account is protected by Two Factor Authentication (a.k.a. 2FA) using, for example, the Google Authenticator app. Other apps are available in the app stores but in this guide we will assume you are using the Google Authenticator. Before you can use your account, you are required to configure this extra step of security. In order to enable it you will need to own a iOS or Android smartphone and be able to download the Google Authenticator app (Free download) from the app store. Once enabled, to authenticate with Notificare you will always need two things, your password and a time based code generated by the Google Authenticator app.

To start click the Begin button:

2fa enable 1f5fa46027

This will generate a QRCode which can be scanned by the Google Authenticator app to quickly setup 2FA in the app. After scanning that QRCode, Google Authenticator app will give you a time based code which you should provide in the form below to complete your 2FA configuration:

2fa qrcode e0d2e0681a

Soon a valid Google Authenticator code is provided, 2FA will be enabled.

2fa enabled d8026085a4

After this point, every time you sign in with your account you'll be requested to use the Google Authenticator app to retrieve a time based code.

You can, at anytime, disable or reconfigure your 2FA setup. In case you would like to switch to another mobile device, you can simply use click Reconfigure and a new QRCode will be generated. Scanning this code in the new mobile device will automatically configure your new mobile device and you should provide the time base code to enable 2FA again for your account:

2fa qrcode e0d2e0681a

You can also disable 2FA by simply clicking the Disabled button, once completed this operation, we will put your setup of 2FA to the very beginning. After that point you will need to configure your 2FA again the next time you sign in to your account.

2fa start 1d857cbef9

If you lost your authenticator device or lost your 2FA codes in any other way, you can reset 2FA via the login page in our dashboard as shown below:

2fa reset df370f9840

Then to confirm the reset 2FA operation you will need to insert your current password:

2fa reset page 092a26ccf2

After this step we will reset you account and send you an email with instructions to re-activate your account again.

Alternatively you can also contact Notificare Support to have us reset your 2FA configuration for you.